Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Two of the common questions we ask ourselves when we have a problem are, “Am I crazy?” and “Is this just happening to me?” One of the great things about group therapy is that it addresses those queries right away because you are sitting in a room with people struggling with the same issue.

Other advantages of group therapy include:

  • Validation: The knowledge that one is not alone can help with motivation and improve progress.
  • Learning from peers: By talking about their experiences, people can help each other figure out what does and does not work.
  • Support from others: Help groups are an excellent source of support, especially for those who lack encouragement outside of therapy.

When to consider group therapy

While group therapy can certainly help anyone, there are specific instances in which I suggest people seek it out.

  1. When they have met the majority of their treatment goals during individual therapy.
  2. If they are struggling to open up.
  3. If their progress in individual therapy is stagnant.
  4. They have goals that would be best worked on in a group setting.

I encourage anyone interested in group therapy to let me know so that I can set something up if specific topics garner enough interest.

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