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Interacting with intense children can be easier

Are you a parent, Foster Parent, Daycare Provider or Educator dealing with a challenging child? Do you spend more time consequence, shouting, or correcting your child’s out control behaviors? Your not alone and interacting with an intense child can be easier.

Using the Nurtured Heart Approach (NHA) I can help you to build inner wealth in your child by acknowledging your child’s greatness and successes. The Nurtured Heart Approach was originally created  by Marriage and Family Therapist, Howard Glasser to transform “difficult and intense children.” The Nurtured Heart Approach explain why conventional methods of parenting, therapy and teaching often fail with intense children, despite the best of intentions.  It helps to shift a challenging child to using his or her intensity in successful ways, even if the child is diagnosed with mental health disorders.

Through this approach you will learn new ways to interact with your intense and challenging child without engaging in a power struggle. You will learn  to "say no"  to engaging in negativity and learn to create opportunities and first hand experiences for your child to demonstrate his/her greatness.

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